I Can't Keep A Job For More Then 2 Weeks... What's Wrong With Me ?

First off... English is not my native language so this post will be full of typos and mistakes.. I'm sorry!

I've had 4 jobs in the past 6-8 months, which I think is abnormal... I know it, yet I can't keep a job for more then 2 weeks.
My first job was a consultant for one of the lead Telecommunications service providers in my country, my second job was salesperson in an electronics store, my third job; I worked in housekeeping in a very fancy hotel (the pay was insanely good, should've stayed), I started my fourth job yesterday in retail... ALL THESE JOBS and I haven't been able to keep them... what's wrong with me?

I start the job, I like the people there, I get well with them just fine, I'm friendly, but I'm always afraid I'm gonna *** something up, I work in one place for a week or two and I quit, cause I just don't like the job... maybe that's the answer? I mean, I'm not lazy, I would love to work, but whenever I'm at work I get very anxious, I feel like I'm being mistreated, like when someone goes for a lunch break and I'm alone in the room I feel like "ah they did it on purpose, they're taking advantage of the new person" I find all sorts of excuses to quit .. "The pay wasn't good, the schedule was crazy, the people were impolite, the job sucked... " I just resign or don't show up at all, what should I do? I'm literally going crazy in here.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I wish I could quit jobs like that. I stay on jobs until they fire me. Then I feel like I wasted my time and was better off quitting or not even taking the job

You gotta start taking a good look at whats going on within you. Usually id say there is an issue from your past you havnt addressed or delt with. I dunno. Its you that's gotta look and recognize what the problem is.

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