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OK, here goes. I am 27. I began working at 15. To date, I have had around 30 jobs. I have been fired from 10 and quit the rest. It's absurd. I just got let go again! This was unreal. I was working as a simple cocktail server.........I was constantly praised for my performance, and then bam, I was called before a shift and told NOT to come in until I had a meeting with HR wherein they fired me for a host of ' false reasons'.  My family and friends are beside themselves. I am at a point of total devastation. I mean, this year alone I had held 5 jobs. 2 I quit. 3 I got fired from.THis is ruining my self esteem and future goals as well as I am constantly in trouble with finances. Now I have no idea how to pay rent in 2 wks.


I have been told everything from " It's not a match, removing the actual valid reasons....when I was younger I was more irresponsible and didn't care as much........But I do my damndest and am still getting let go out of nowhere. I have done everything from call centers to managing an 800 unit townhome complex.........I am sick to death of this and am embarrassed and so stressed out I am getting sick, To make mattes worse, I am prego--------and single. Just found out and a week later was fired from a job I only had for 2 months. I cannot get insurance cuz I can't stay with a company long enough........It is true I tire quickly of most of the jobs I do but when I started to search this on thenet, all I found was ppl who have this problem have bipolar disorder? I don't have that//////////but not only is it getting harder and harder to foster my resume to look good, but I to date have no good reference. I have to use friends and family to LIE for me as though I have worked for them.


I am worn out and want to know what's wrong with me............can anyone relate?


Unemployed Girl

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Honey, I TOTALLY get you. Let's face it, some of us are just not cut out to be a cog in the corporate wheel, having to take orders from 9 to 5 each day like some kind of a robot and asked to do all sorts of inane, mindless things, while being constantly monitored and snooped on so they can bag your *** if you do anything you actually want to do, on their time....

Creative people like us, well, the very core of our being rebels against this type of ****, and sometimes we (well, I have... ) subconsciously perhaps, arrange for them to dump us because we become so damn bored... so tired of being barked at, hollered at, taken aside, humiliated, shown how low we really are on the totem pole and how we can never really advance, at peril of having to eat out of the garbage...

It doesn't have to be this way. The best solution is to resolve to be a slave no longer, and to become an entrepreneur and start your own business! A successful enterprise, doing something that you enjoy, and promoting the fruits of your creative endeavors. No one can ever fire you again, your self-esteem will be rejuvenated like never before, and you will, finally, take the reins of your own destiny!

I can relate to:

I am in the same boat, I am only 23 have been working since I was 16 and ave worked so many places.

Target, Home Depot, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Mobile Convenient Store, 2 House of Pizza places, Sprint, Tmobile, 3 Hotels (housekeeping), 3 lead generation companies (phone sales/business Development, Burger King, Water Country (water amusement park).

I had 1 job for 10 months ( a business development job) and a housekeeping job for 8 months..THAT is the longest I have EVER stayed at a job..2 other I quit once school started ( I was under 18 and had after school activities gave notice as well)

Ive only been fired TWICE..all the other times I have quit, 90% of the time for a “better” job you know “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” and 10% quit with no other job lined up.

My family makes fun of me about how easy I get jobs, I am very polite, beautiful smile, happy, funny, have experience its literally RIDICULOUS on how many jobs I have had…

Why I quit: The schedule does pan out to what I had wanted, realized the pay was too low and I really couldn’t make it on that little amount/wanted a better paying job, basically nothing has really made me happy…I am 2 years into my degree and still have 1-2 years left I am going for Criminal Justice, I am VERY much into the law and legal system and I truly don’t feel I will be able to hold a job/be happy in one until I get a career in what my degree is for.

Please help advice, critisim anything! I have a 3 yr old, a fiancé, and a baby on the way and I NEEEEED to keep a job, also theres a lot of car loans and home loans you CANT get without job STABILITY..

It always comes down to: Sales: not producing enough and get fired, OR I am just not happy at other jobs for WHATEVER reason.

I can relate to this story as well, the last few years have been devastating. I have a BFA in Art, which to most people is a useless credential. But, in an attempt to get a proverbial "day job" to pay the bills, while using my free time to pursue me creative interests, I've never been able to keep something long enough to save any money or live on my own for very long.

I've moved back home with my parents for the second time since graduating from University in 2003, and I'm eternally grateful for their financial and emotional support, but we're all worn out and they are just as confused about my situation. I attended one of the most prestigious private High Schools in the country, and managed to acquire a degree from a well respected Canadian University (and I don't have any loans to pay back since it was much cheaper than the overpriced American Art degrees I might have been suckered into.) I'm not an idiot, in fact, I know I'm a very intelligent individual with a lot to offer. Yet, in 2009 I had 7 jobs, sometimes three at once, and lost two of them within 24 hours of each other.

I just turned 31 three days ago, and on my birthday I was in my second week of training at a new restaurant job. This place had hired me for a variety of positions and I thought I was doing well in all of them so far, and was really clicking with the other staff (most of whom are also artists, musicians, and actors). The managers who interviewed me had wonderful things to say about my interview and my personality, and were praising me consistently after each shift. They had rightly expressed some concern about the fact I've had may jobs in a short amount of time and had struggled with punctuality in the past (I am convinced I have ADD and am seeking an official assessment, time management is a major issue in this regard) but had confidence in my potential and recognized that I possess many of the unteachable attributes that are valued in a host, server, door person and bartender. The mechanics would come with time and practice, and they seemed willing to guide me and train me thoroughly.

But the day after my birthday, I got a voicemail from my manager asking me to call, but he did not state the reason. Freaking out, I called back, but the hostess could not locate him and the other manager was busy. I asked her to have either one call me when they had a chance. Twenty nerve-wracking minutes later he called back and said that they didn't think it was going to work out, that other managers and staff (and some patrons) had expressed concerns over certain things I had said or discussed while working. I asked if he could me more specific, to give a little insight into anything I might improve upon while going forward and seeking more work. He evaded my question, not willing to explain further. I stated that I was not concerned with who had said anything, that I understood if he couldn't name specific individuals, but that did not seem to matter. He also said that while his interaction with me was fine and he had no issues of his own, it was entirely the reactions of others that had forced his hand. He's a fairly new manager there, and seemed like kind of a weak pushover to be brutally honest, and so I 'm not entirely surprised that he was so easily influenced by a staff who've been there much longer than he has.

I've spent the last 2 tearful, miserable days trying to evaluate every conversation, comment, interaction with the staff while working/training and have come up with a variety of theories but no real answers. What really confounds me was the weak "best of luck" he offered at the end of the conversation. If he REALLY wanted to wish me luck in my endeavors and jobhunting efforts, he would have the balls to give some relevant information that could actually serve me well. Instead of blowing smoke up my ****** for nearly two weeks, praising me (almost to the point of being creepy) and telling me how much he thought I was a "great fit", and that he thinks this is such a "good match", "I think you'll do really well here, you really fit in", and then not even 2 weeks into training (already having worked in 3 different positions) telling me it wasn't going to work out.

All I can say is, what the ****.

I can help you if you are still having a tough time, email

i know how tough it is. it's been tough on more than 95% of everyone in our country and around the globe. bush declared financial crisis. then madolf. so hundreds of thousands of people are out of jobs. from absolutely rich to broke. so everyone's going for the jobs you were currently at. these companies are just trying to give everyone a chance. i'm sure you'd do the same. you can dwell in complaint about your history or you can continue to fight since you said you're pregnant and single. (bad decision) if you'd like to change your karma and make wiser decisions for yourself so will not struggle so much. what has helped me is chanting nam myoho renge kyo and go to the nearest Soka Gakkai International. You simply will get the best positive support. Just try it out. It's not a church, but an organization for world peace and unity. You'll succeed. People won't act like babysitters, but positive support from everyone who will help you get up and stay up strong. Keep up the fight and good luck to you. I'm chanting for your happiness.

I have goosebumps right now. I am also a practising member of the Soka Gakkai International in Australia. Where do you practice? Yes, the chanting is fantastic and it really works!

unemployed girl I completely sympathize. Me and a friend of mine are the exact same. Can't keep a job because i'm bored with the work or the people I work with. My friend is bipolar so that explains her issues, but I am not. Do you have a degree or specialize in anything? I took an appraisers course and now I have to work for someone for a year and get 2000 hrs of experience to work on my own for myself !! keywords...alone! If you are prego, go to welfare, have them help with insurance and food stamps etc and GO to school, just take a certificate course...they are fast and effective, but you have to do the work!! The appraiser course was only $600 and it was the best thing I've ever done. I've been in and out of schools as much as I have jobs, but specializing in one area of expertise and not having to go to a traditional school was exactly what I needed. Hope this helps! Let the state help..thats why they are there! Good Luck.

Oh and by the way I'm 30 and I've had more jobs then I care to count too.