Am I Weird

I cant seem to keep a steady relation ship i have no problem getting boyfriends but they never last more than 5 days latly anyway i found a guy I am in love with and we have been togather for 3 days now i just dont want to screw anything up cause seriously i think he may be the one/
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I Feel The Same Way But I Can't Hold My Boyfriends Down For More That 3 Weeks. I Recently Got Dumped Because People I Know Told My BF i was preggo considering im kinda fat this was believable and it broke my heart i thought i was in the early stages of a good relation ship but i get nervous and i refuse to hold hands and stuff so i think i'll never have a serious realtion ship On a whole my ex-BF was a d!ck head for believing what people told him. considering im 13 and still a virgin im appaled.<br />
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Boys/Men are not worth womans time they are purely arm/eye candy or used for shexx

I can relate... I have a hard time getting dates, and when I can, I usually **** up somehow...

Yes, I agree too! If you are with a guy, he should like/love you for who and what you are and stand for. If he doesn't, and dumps you, then he definately isn't <br />
'the one'... and not worth your time to invest in him!

Gotta agree with slutslider. She is a great advice giver. Good luck with your new relationship, hun.

No. you are not weird. It is not you who is screwing stuff up it is probably the guys you go out with so make sure how you pick them. Sometimes guys like going out with hot girls and then decide later to be d*** heads or like trying a variety of girls to see what types of girls they like best and are most compatible with. Don't let it get you down too much if the guy changes his mind or things aren't going so great. Now here is my advice to keep your current boyfriend. Be yourself sweetie. Don't change just to please another person. If a person likes you truly for who you are and isn't a jerk they will stick around. Lots of girls try changing themselves and lose the guy faster than they can reel em' in. If you are worried about losing him then maybe you should talk to him and find out where things are leading up between you two. It's alot better to find out know then it is to have a guy crush your heart three months or a year down the road. Also guys tend to break up with girls if the relationship is getting too serious because they are nervous or their friends treat them like a pile of crap and think they are warped for not scoring last night or not trying out some other girls. You are an awesome girl hun, don't let guys make you form a bad opinion about yourself. Hope this helps.