Erection Problems Destroying Marriage

i have been unable to maintain erection for 2 months.  wife is not taking it well which is probably part of the reason why it is getting worse. i am freaked out. it has never happened for this long before. i feel like a stranger in my own bed.  i want to go to the doctor but no insurance. i hane been stressed. we just moved but i have no job little money and now my wife is talking about divorce.  i need a solution quickly.

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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

i have problems keeping an erection at times and *********** but i am now having counselling for it all and is helping . maybe you should see the doctor and ask about it as it may help you . good luck<br />
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Works amazingly well. <br />
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I had similar problem, Desire was there but could not last probably due to the depression. Tried few medication like viagra cialis ect. but stopped because those were quick fix and costly. I was introduced to a herbal solution, goji berry and yumberry juice . Its organic and drugfree , I take it daily and my erection has improved tremendously. Google for more on goji & yumberry