I love rough camping in wild areas. I was camping in August in the western part of the Everglades in the Florida heat and humidity oone summer night. I parked all alone and miles from anywhere next to a swamp canal and since the area was crawling with poisonous snakes and alligators, my tent was useless. I slept in my pickup truck cab with my windows down and screen material stuffed in the window openings to keep the hoards of hungry mosquitos out of my truck while I slept. I ******** down naked and spread out across the front seat of my pickup to enjoy a night's sleep in the sauna of the summer Everglades in peace.

I was startled out of my deep sleep by someone shining a flashlight in my face and knocking on my cab window and telling me to wake up. No one was within miles of me when I had gone to sleep. So, who's bothering me way out here in the middle of the night. I woke with my usual hard on that I always have whenever I'm sleeping and I didn't try to hide it since I was in already showing in my full glory when whoever this is first shined their light on me while I was deep asleep and fully erect.

I mumble who's there and why are you hassling me in the middle of the night out here? A woman's voice says how she's the police and asks me to step out and put some clothes on.

What a bother, I'm a former cop and we all know full well that no judge is ever going to hassle with a naked man camping inside his own truck and all alone way out in the back swamps of the remote Everglades. So, why is this woman wasting any time hassling me?

I step out hard and drowsy and talk with her. She says I can't camp here. Why? She says, Its too dangerous for me to be all alone way out here with no help nearby. Why, I'm safe inside my truck from snakes and gators. I say, I'm a big guy, I can handle myself with gators and snakes. She says its the humans she's worried about endangering me since she had to make a ton of noise to wake me. She asks me to put some clothes on once again. Its kind of a waste of time honestly, since we all know how many female cops are so often lesbians and she's probably not getting any more thrill from my nakedness and raging hard on than any male cop would, maybe even less of a thrill probably. lol. But no sense in making her job any tougher for her or hassling her since the mosquitos were busy enjoying biting my blood filled manhood anyway. I slipped on a pair of boxers and asked just where else was a naked man supposed to go at 3:00 AM to sleep in the middle of nowhere?

She said there was a lonely gas station miles down the road where I could park and sleep out the rest of the night in better safety. She said she'd explain to the other cops on duty tonight and to the gas station owner in the morning. But she said I'd have to wear boxers at the least to sleep at the gas station. There she goes ruining my fun and strangling my hard on all night long, shucks. I say thanks and she checked in on me a few times at the gas station during the rest of the night to make sure I was OK and that I kept my boxers on lol.
blueballsbull blueballsbull
51-55, M
Oct 2, 2015