I'm My Own Worst Freaking Enemy

I can't let any sort of mistake or anything I do wrong go.  I always tell myself that I could have prevented it in some way and it keeps me from solving the issue that's now at hand.  I let the habit get REALLY out of control these past few months and combined with some depression, it was a disaster.  Anyone else have this problem?
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That's not good. What you should do to stop, if you wanna stop that is, is: ask yourself "Will I be worrying about this in a week/month/year's time?" Think "Without mistakes, you never learn." Think... "Nobody's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes." Stop thinking could've/should've. Just think it's done now, and all you can do is learn from your mistake and improve in the future.

I can forgive ANYONE but myself.<br />
<br />
Sound familiar?<br />
<br />
I am one of the most brilliant people I have ever known, even test out right up there. That means I DO NOT NEED ANYONE'S Help!! I SHOULD do everything for myself.<br />
<br />
So I rip people off from the good feeling anyone gets when they help another.<br />
<br />
and I get to feel like **** because I fail to help myself over and over.<br />
<br />
Until I finally get it. I am brilliant and a total schmuck, wizard and clueless, and finally I am an opportunity to make others feel great when they help me, because it is one thing to help a guy in the mud but to help a wizard wow.<br />
<br />
I recommend you go a bit more insane. Drop your ****, because you have no idea how to pick it up or hold it correctly.<br />
<br />
Let people help you, so you can spend more time helping others. I imagine you are an ace at seeing another''s problems. and like myself blind to mine or clueless as to what to do, or just lacking the skills.

thanks musichead - yeah, i never liked this habit of mine either, but just couldn't seem to stop - i got a wake-up call too, the hard way, b/c i pretty much literally DID go insane. Good for you for working through it!

i had the problem of being somewhat a little TOO hard on myself since i was quite young until recently. i used to put myself into a frenzied anxiety attack if i didnt get the perfect/highest score, or didnt achieve something. i think it was mainly bc of my 'rents and their great expectations of me. <br />
i've gotten better now, and only bc life taught me that you go insane otherwise. i got a wake-up call this year, and am learning to accept my mistakes and shortcomings as they are. my friends were and are very supportive of me, so that helped me to keep from totally going off the rails, so to speak. i hope you can work through this, and be a little less harsh on yourself.

I feel the same way

I can have that same issue sometimes too. I get so wrapped up in what I didn't do, I can't get sit down and do what I need to do NOW. I am getting better about it though. The silly little set a timer for fifteen minutes and work those fifteen minutes through, then no more than a fifteen minute break system works well for me.