She Cant Leave Him

she sits there through the day
wondering what she should say.
she listens and believes his lies
meanwhile inside she silently cries.
she puts on a smile
while she sits back in denile.
his love is what she craves
but her heart desperately needs to be saved.
she thinks she is all alone
through darkness and the cold.
he come home to not a sound
but this is what he found.
on the bed there was a note
this is what she wrote.
"ive stayed with you for a while but
not once have i smiled.I trusted you
but you just wont remain true."
he sits down on the bed
and thought about what she had said.
it begin to rain
the sound began to drive him insane
for once he felt her pain.
she walked through the door as he
heard her she called his name.
I cant take this anymore as she walks in
and closes the door.
he tries to talk to her but its
to late as he begins to break.
she holds him and says if i come back
things cant be the same.
SadEyedAngel126 SadEyedAngel126
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 2, 2011