I Feel Like It Follows And Will Never Go Away :(

Well all i can say is i hope these messages to her change this but i have to say i have a hard time letting go of someone i was with for 15 months engaged the whole nine yards everything looked great till it crumbled. my life came to a rather abrupt halt when she not only broke the engagement but broke off everything, naturally i felt like *** i was a mess and we didn't talk for a few weeks after this. She seemed to move on quite easily found a quy quite fast i mean for after an engagement.

She did feel like this and not only that i had to trick her into giving me the info i needed to know its not like i yelled or got mad i just wanted to know. I mean she said she didnt cheat on me i will believe her due to the fact that i know her then again i dont know what to believe she had to hide that and the fact that she wont say weather she was happy with me or what. I will probably never know.

However i will say that i think any hope we ever had of getting back together is gone because not only is she being treated like **** by her new guy but she must have met him before she says or she wouldnt have done what she did, also she seemed to give me the run around to keep me around so that she always knew that she had her "backup" guy ready. I'm sorry im not a backup guy i realized what i think is going on a couple days ago after a call with her. i mean im a human being treat me like one not like a dog.

Well if nothing else i have to say i think the spark was 98.9% killed with that call 2 days ago, I recently met someone and i felt guilty about falling in love with her and i couldnt do anything about it now that i have more info i dont feel so guilty i am a little angry in some ways but not so guilty we will see what the day holds but i left her some messages telling her and getting permission even though i know i wouldnt have to worry about it i still felt a little obligated to keep her informed like i did while we were in a relationship you know out of common courtesy for the other person.

well if my last little part is wrong so be it or if you disagree on the whole thing so be it but i am more or less venting nothing more nothing less so keep your little comments to your selves well not every one only a select little group of people otherwise the other 10% of people here are good, thanks guys :)
18-21, M
Mar 6, 2010