Need To Let Go But Can't!

I need to let him go but I don't want to! I keep thinkin about the good times we have had together.When we don't talk I feel like i'm losing a close friend and that I really do miss him!We always seem to end up disagreeing on something though like we can't get along.I feel that we are not for eachother but yet that I just can't let him go!He is the most comfortable I have been with like i've done things with him than I have with any other person.Im not in love with him but I do love him.Idk what to do!

keepdreaming keepdreaming
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 22, 2009

Bliss now we like eachother and are getting along for now I guess. Canadian I'm in too deep now

It's like quitting smoking. You know you must, you know it is hard, you feel addicted, BUT, you CAN do it. You just have to be really determined to do what is best for you.

this is a tough one keepdreaming ... it is difficult to let go of someone that we've shared special things with (I am assuming you mean sexual things) ... if you don't think you are right for each other, don't let sex cloud your judgement ... there is more to a long term relationship than sex ... you need to like each other and get along.