Can You Mend That Broken Piece?

I'm a smart, rational, capable, positively contributing member of society. I have friends, I participate in activities, I know right from wrong, and I accept the consequences of my actions when I err. I'm told by many that they love me, and I don't have any trouble being open with information.

But there's this huge, empty, hole that I can FEEL in my head and chest when I try to think of myself in a positive light. My entire life, my motivator has been "you're never good enough. you have to always keep trying to be better." When people talk about loving yourself, liking yourself, or being proud of yourself, I don't understand how that feels.

I went to see a counselor who asked me how I felt about myself when I get something right, but not perfect. My response was "well, if it's not perfect, then it's not right." She said that took her breath away. I don't understand. If it's not perfect it's not right, right?
lightninbug lightninbug
31-35, F
Dec 7, 2012