Green and Blacks

Their dark chocolate and Maya chocolate is amazing, organic (which i dont really care that much for, but sounds impressive) and vegan. AND they label all their ones that are vegan, so i dont have to read the back every time :)


i dont have it often, but my ex learnt to always have a stash somewhere and he'd throw chunks of it at me when i got upset. :)

Tesse Tesse
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8 Responses Sep 20, 2008

I am a happy man. There's a new grocer's chain in town. They're calling themselves "Fresh and Easy" (no jokes, please, this is a family thread), but they're the new American presence of Tesco, the British grocery giant. I stopped in tonight, and saw only one product I recognized as a British import...but it was Green and Black's 70% dark chocolate bar! Yea!! So I'm sitting here with a glass of viognier, and an apple, and enjoying my first Green and Black's!!!


Ooo...I think I'm in lust! Can I say that about chocolate? :-)

OK, I feel silly now. For some reason, it's easy to read stories here and not notice the titles. I assume Green and Blacks is a brand name?

Well, thank you for the sympathy, and I'll certainly not turn down a hug, but your answer is a bit lacking in the elucidation department. :-)<br />
<br />
May I assume it has chocolate?

What is green and blacks?

Isn't vitamin Ch essential for human life?

mmmm toblerone.... need a vegan alternative!