Technology Is Great

There are many things I can live without, but my cell phone is one piece of technology that I must have with me all the time.  I rarely forget it.  When I do, I am totally lost.  When I'm at work or away from home, it is my contact with my kids.  It's also my phone book for all the numbers I can't remember and it's the only place they are recorded.  I use the alarm, the planner, all the features.

It sort of simplifies my life for me.

flowrpowr flowrpowr
46-50, F
1 Response Jun 23, 2007

I used to be hooked on my mobile, I never used to go anywhere without it, now I think I'm going off it. It's like if you don't wanna text someone back you have to make an excuse, oh I didn't have credit. Same with phone calls - I get sick of people saying, why didn't you answer you phone? Like I HAVE to answer it - couldn't be that I'm busy GGGRR!! I can understand why so many people do like them and find them useful though, especially when you have children.