I have just dropped my phone in hot chocolate can I save it?
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Don't worry the hot chocolate should be fine. Just take the phone out and the hot chocolate is saved.

That's fine. What ever floats your boat dude. But I wasn't the one who dropped the phone.

Oh sorry! It must of jumped out of your hand. I'm joking.

Dude! Chill out I was joking!

Okay I'm sorry. I forget not everyone has a sense of humor. Is your phone working though?

Well it's best to have a sense of humor in the worst of situations so you make the best of it. Plus if your phone breaks you get a new one!

Okay buddy.

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take the battery out and put the phone in rice over night

no problem, use marshmallows next time, save you some trouble lol