Can't Live Without Sex...

Okay. So I could, but who would want to. I am addicted to sex. I love it more than any other activity. I've done it many places. Only had 2 bf's total and my current one is so F- ing hot. I love him so much. We experiment a lot with new things. My past boyfriend was my first time, and nice, but my current bf just makes sex so addictive. Everytime i'm with him I just want to jump in bed and let him give it to me good.
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:)) I really like open girls bwahaha Im 17 yrs old but I had a lot of experiences with my gf or gf's this past years bwahaha but after sex I never had a chance to question her if she likes it :))))) so blondiebabe ama question you.. what does it feels like when you've done it?? did you enjoy it I mean when you org... ??? do I really need to lick her ***** to make her more happy??? cause Ive never tried it >.<

do you still EP?

Blondie, you know what causes him to be so horny? think about it for a second, look in the mirror, nude, tease with yourself, touch some of your naughty bits... slowly... the visual effect of your thingys subject to fingers... is it attractive, sexy ... hear your soft voice, say something nice and soft and sexy...<br />
<br />
feel the softness, the relaxed parts and and swollen parts, the dry and teh wet parts, the little shapes everywhere.... Can you imagine how he feels when he explores you...<br />
<br />
Now I ask again... Do you know what.....<br />
<br />
Horny Kisses<br />

blondiebabe i'd love to hear move of your stories you are making me horny

No that's quite alright. You didn't drift off subject. I rather enjoyed your comment ohiochuck. Creative username btw.

Only two men ? How old are you ? It is nice to find one so young, I assume, and so willing to really enjoy and not just do it to please the guy.<br />
<br />
I love for the lady to be pleased, otherwise why bother ******* ? It is so easy for a guy to get off......any real man should concentrate on the lady's pleasure.<br />
<br />
Sorry, I drifted off subject..... LOL


And that's the best feeling in the world. thanks rabaa

hey traderjohn, thanks for the comment. i'm pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn't like that, but it flatters me. so are you pretty hot? how old are you?

can I be your B/F ????? LOL

Make sure he always gives it to you when you want it, or I could recommend a person or two who would appreciate your libido...heh ; )

Thanks!!!! and trust me I will.

Haha Nice, Well Hope you Guys Experience more places!!