Wy Do I Look?

 I often find myself looking in the mirror or at my reflection, even when I do not want to be.  I feel like my reflection is everywhere--in public and in private.  When I walk down the street in my busy city I try to avoid looking at other people, but inevitably I find myself staring back at my own image.  Why do I do this?  Does anybody else feel this way?

Also, I never know what to do when I am faced with my reflection.  In the morning I use the mirror to get ready for the day, but what about all of the other times?

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

i do that too.. but my reason could be different than yours. its basically the thing got to do with our self esteem i believe. like you i see my reflection in everyones eyes and i try and avoid looking at them but i end up staring.