I Cant Love Him

i cannot love partners, my last boyfriend was not a bad person but i did not love him and broke his heart. Im now seeing someone else and again i dont love him, i feel numb towards anyone who im supposed to "love" its almost as if my emotions shut down and i hate feeling numb, alone and empty with or without a partner!
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those comments helped me, we just need tolive in peace sonoone worries and your daughter thrives. imwaiting til shes an adult to hang around me so i dont influence anything. will you talk to my ex other ask him why the years of games? thanks, see ive been through things also. its part of life.

Why do you date these people if you dont love them? Do you find them attractive? Sometimes love can grow once one gets to know a person, but sometimes it doesnt. I was in a relationship with a woman who was deeply in love with Me and who I wasnt in love with. In the end, I had to tell her.. it turned nasty, but was worth it.

I'd have to say I agree with soditzy - although you say you haven't loved either of them, its not altogether unusual. it may just be that you haven't met someone yet that you've connected with.<br />
I've been with plenty of people that I didn't love (and knew I'd never love) simply for the fun of it. you won't always feel that spark.<br />
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at least you care about this person - if you didn't, you wouldn't be worried about hurting his feelings. give yourself some time to work out how you feel, and if you feel that you may possibly love this person given time.

hi just wanted to say thanks for your comments, i hope you are all well speak soon hopefully xx

Just wondering how you are? You feeling any better, did any of these comments help? xx

Just read your story....was wondering if you did love your last partner but things went wrong and you fell out of love. These things happen, doesn't mean you didn't love him at all. If things started to go wrong and you think you broke his heart then you will probably be scared of hurting your new partner. Don't be, everyone is different, every situation is different. I think you may have issues with past experiences and may need to resolve these to let your feelings for your new partner to flourish. If they don't, try not to be too hard on yourself, you can't help the way you feel. You talk about being numb, this is something that only you can address and do try to address it. It seems like to have no self love and this needs to start from within or you will never believe anyone else. You need to bury the past and start living for the future. You only have one life, make it the best!

It may well be related to your depression :) Talk to your treating doctor about it, perhaps?

Not very experienced myself and a total loser in love but i'd say you havent met "the one" yet, i dont think you are "supposed" to love anyone, i think it just happens when enough things are right to make a go of it, you seem to be putting yourself under alot of pressure to love, i dont think it should be such hard work, if you love you love, if you dont you dont, its not one of those things you can pretend upon, go easy on yourself x