I went to a bonfire with some friends. I was having a great time. I ran into the house for a refill and to just shoot the breeze with some of the other people there. We were at the kitchen table, and everyone went back outside except me and one of the guys. I look up from the table and to my surprise there this guy stands with his junk in his hand. He flopped it at me and says "whaddya think?? I know it's kinda small". I made sure not to sit there with my mouth agape for too long should he take anymore liberties. I couldn't stop laughing. I'm not certain what it was about me that said "whip your junk out at me"... and to be honest... I don't think I wanna know.
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2 Responses Sep 2, 2014

Would the story on the news have ended with the line "...and alcohol may have played a role." ?

Lmao! That's hilarious!