It's A Nightmare

I have been suffering with this problem ever since I was born X’D it’s really horrible.  When I was little I couldn’t choose my own toys, I would get really confused and didn’t know what to buy so I would be walking around the store for a long time with my dad then my dad ended up picking my toys for me.  Now I’m over the toys problem since I’m all grown up but now there is the clothes and accessories problem.  Therefore, I have to take my mom with me whenever I want to go for shopping.  Also, when going out to a restaurant I don’t know what to order so my family ends up ordering for me.  There are other stuff but I'll leave them out for now.  It’s really awful but I’m sure that someday I’ll get over it.  
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Haha, I hate choices as well. Especially when it comes to munchies. I have to decide if I want any and what kind.

That's what is my mom for X'D

Lucky. My friends don't eat many sweets so it's up to me.

Just pick one with your eyes closed. I'll be doing that in the near future.

Haha, I've tried then I decided I don't want it.

lol you are screwed

It's true.

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Hello, thanks for sharing your story, I haven't heard of X'D before.<br />
<br />
I definitely see that you feel very upset and your condition is painful for you emotionally. and that's in itself is difficult to endure I'm sure. <br />
<br />
I wanted to say, when I was reading your story, I myself thought... Well as a child being in a toy store is sensory overload if you ask me. When I think of being a child, a little person in a big store with all that stuff everywhere...There's no way I would know what to do either. <br />
One of the things I know about me...I'm like a bird, I see sparkly and sure enough I'm like hypnotized. Put me in a store with sparkly everywhere, I'm liable to be paralyzed with the over stimulus, there's so much going on in most stores now a days! <br />
<br />
And I'm also a food lover! If I go to a restaurant, and the menu items I see, all sound delicious to me... oh boy...I will either order everything, or not know which to order, and what ever I do order, I'm wondering if about everything I haven't ordered. And one thing about my husband till this day...If we aren't together, he will call me from the restaurant and ask me, what I think, he will like then tells me the menus items. And I've always taken that as so sweet that he values my opinion that much :)<br />
<br />
I don't much like shopping for clothes with my mom, because I we have different taste in clothing, but I love shopping with someone else because who better to tell you if you look good in something then a trusted friend. Salespeople at times aren't honest about how something looks, they are pushy and can be sales driven rather then stylish driven.<br />
<br />
I guess what I'm saying is...If you had told your story without saying you have X'D... I would have thought to myself...That's totally normal, where's the punch line?<br />
<br />
You seem really plagued by it, and I respect that, but I think how I am is totally fine with me, and I seem to be a lot like you.<br />
Perception...It can cause such pain, but it can also change everything for the better.<br />
How you perceive yourself is up to you, but I perceive your way of being as totally normal. I wouldn't go shopping with you because together we are liable to buy it all or buy nothing and be totally over-stimulated and exhausted by it all. But I certainly wouldn't judge you for being exactly like me.<br />
I still don't know what X'D is exactly, but I do know I don't have it, at least I don't think I have it. And so many of the people I know are like this also and that's fine by me :) who can blame us...Too many selections = choice consufsion ;)

Hello, thank u for commenting!
X'D &lt;--- it's like a smiley face.
and i like what u said in the end "Too many selections = choice consufsion " this might be true but also when it comes to small selection, when it comes picking up which shoe I have to put on to go to school with. It can be frustrating at time x) I went shopping with friends b4 but I just needed my mom because maybe I care about her opinion so much that now I can't do anything or make a decision without her but I think this will change with time hopefully.

It's all in how you look at it really.
Sometimes Small selection = Sucky selection, which = how to choose from these items when I don't like any of them!

Perhaps you are very particular in your tastes. Maybe for you to choose something it has to be exactly perfect, you must love each and every detail, no question. That you will make your own choice IF and only if it is complete perfection to your standards. As if you had created it for yourself and that you are the best creator of that type of item, so you would know if it's perfect or not...
Maybe you have elaborate taste and that you will only choose something when you truly love it.

And maybe the fact that today, there's SO much crappy stuff out there, the quality, standards of manufacturing, are based on cutting corners, and maximizing profits rather then making a great perfect the actual issue you have. Which hey, you said it sister!
just Maybe that is why you, you feel that your selections are all the same..just blah and don't inspire you to choose them. It's possible you know ;)

Can I ask you...Do you ever wear high heel shoes? (ps, it's weird to ask, but I have a reason bare with me here...)

I wear high heels XD I'm lil short so i have to and thank you for ur follow up

Ah, Awesome me too! So, looks like you like being tall (or taller :P )
So you made the decision to be taller by wearing heels ;)
See, thing is whatever you tell yourself, is the way it will be no matter what anyone else tells you.
It's a Curse &amp; a Blessing. The curse side is there's no placing blame on the outside world or people in it for our pain.
Which means each person is responsible for why they feel pain.
BUT the blessing in that is much more important...When we take responsibility, we also take back control and power. That means, in the flick of a mindset, you can feel differently about what causes you a lot of pain in that moment and every moment.
You told your story here...My thoughts as I read phrase by phrase is this:
-You are not greedy, nor will you want something just for the sake of having it.
You are not frivolous and you don't overindulge. Ever since you were little.

-You are a person with your own sense of style, you're not persuaded by sales or discounts or shiny things, you will wait for what you really like (high heels girl!)
- When you trust someone, you truly trust them completely and give them total confidence (like how you trust your mom)
- You are sensitive, compassionate, open, you feel profoundly. You mean what you say and nothing less.
- You're humble and know your faults but are optimistic that you will strive to overcome them.
- You do your best to find the silver lining even when it's hard.

So that's my summation of the impression I had about you.

Perception is your best friend. It can change anytime, it can be whatever you choose to see.
And when you take control, you can choose to believe anything you want about yourself.
Just remember you will always be right ;)

oh yhhh I agree

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