What To Do...?

Alright I am only in Highschool. Ever since an intense breakup with my best friend I've been stressed and unable to make desicions. I broke up with because I was starting to have doubts about if I likes him or not. Well after I broke up with him, my best friend (or so I thought) tried to start dating him and she failed but it still put me in a depression I could not seem to get out of. Me and the guy started talking again and now our relationship is kinda weird. Sometimes I like him sometimes I don't. Usually when I am with him I do like him. I get jealous when most girls should and I like to be around him. But when we aren't together I just have doubts. I just can't end it with him because I have tried and couldn't handle it. It's come to where I had a dream I was something different and I've been worrying abou it for 5 months. I want to stop worrying and make a desicions on how I feel. I want to go to a therapist but I don't want my mom or dad to worry either. And I am a Christian and I've looked through the bible an it usually helps right then and there but it always comes back. Please someone help.
Alyycareyy Alyycareyy
May 13, 2012