I Feel Like He Still Has A Part Of Me.

Please don't promise her things you can't keep.
Don't tell her things you don't mean.
Don't speak of a future if you plan to rip those plans apart.
Don't promise her happiness.
Don't promise her love.
Don't promise her you'll always be around.
Promise her you will try your best.
Please don't break her heart like you broke mine.

.... To your next girl. I hope she treats you like I treated you. I gave you everything, your best friend even told you what a fool you are for what you're doing. Don't do this to your next girl. This is a pain no one should feel.
FallenForTheIdiotInUniform FallenForTheIdiotInUniform
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Never settle for anything less then real love because life is too short. Never let deceit and hate take away who you are. You are you, you are alive, and you are beautiful because of that.

Best Wishes