It's been a few months since my best friend passed away and I still can't move on about this.
She left because of cancer,leukemia,we didn't know that she's on that stage until she was brought to the hospital and within just 3 days she passed away. Me and my other best friends don't have the same school the three of them are on public school while the two of us is in private school.
One time,We were allowed to use our phones in our Music class so I happily played my guitar,excited for my performance while I let my classmates borrow my phone when they suddenly said that someone is calling me so I went to grab it and talk to my friend.
I asked her what's up and why she called me in the middle of our class,she suddenly spoke our best friends name and stopped for a few seconds. I was asking what happened when she said that she passed away,I think I cursed at her for a hundredth time before believing that she's saying the truth.
I broke down and start to cry. From that on,I can't move on. Until now I still cry because I have so many mistakes and I lost the whole lot opportunity to know her better.
I wish,wherever she is right now,she's happy. I miss her.
soweird09 soweird09
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014