I really cant. I've been down this road before, this old, bumpy road. and all I want to do is continue to drive down it. but there was too big of a jump, and I lost everything, everything that ever wzas important to me. I just sit here motionless. everything think that I cared about, that gave me character. is gone. I feel like a puzzle with missing pieces, you won't understand me unless I'm complete. I feel like that one road to paradise just got wiped off the map of my life. and I know deep down that's the road I wanted to go down. And just stay on that never ended road. I was told I'll be fine without you. But I wont, I'm not complete, there's a part of my puzzle missing. and you complete it.
Ebolaa Ebolaa
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 21, 2014

If yu need someone to talk to, im great at listning

Maybe later.. Thank you