ok I try and keep this short
it all started back in my hometown of Wilmington with this girl Alexis I met her in 1st grade and sparked a huge crush on her and my shyness and special ed restrictions kept me from speaking to her then 8th grade started the teachers mistook my constant blushing for anxiety and I was sent to inclusion classes all day including lunch I basically was cut off from her in every way luckily my mom took me out of Wilmington and brought me here to a new town were I could escape special ed and some restrictions kept from making friends 'small group classes' however im turning 18 this October and special ed will be out the window for me but here is where it gets bad I tried looking up on Facebook and discovered she has a boyfriend now. now I just fell guilty that I never made a move I hoping I will meet someone when school starts because my restrictions' will be invalid but I cant help but wonder if that's what prevented me from making a move or is it my fault for just being weak so whos fault is it mine for not saying anything or the teachers fault for keeping me away from people in the first place I don't know what to do I want her to be happy but how do I just move away from someone Ive spent my whole life trying to be her boyfriend.
davidnasa1111 davidnasa1111
46-50, M
Jun 29, 2015