I'm Caught......

Like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. I can't move, all I can do is scream silently & pray the fear lets go. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to hours for my heartrate to slow, the shaking to stop, & the tears to dry. The whole time I will be wishiing not to open my eyes & see him there, staring back at me with his dead eyes. I will shake with the knowledge that there is no one around to hold me & scare him away. The only true thing I am thankful for, is my night terrors don't come as often now, & maybe one day they'll stop all together. That's a day I look forward to. =]

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it happens to me alot not really scared of it anymore but iknow what its like alot of people think its a demon it normally happens 12am-3am witch is the devils time it only happens when your on your back because its easier for the demons to reach your soul the reason you cant moveis because its putting so much pressure on you thats why you can normally feel pressure on your chest all i can say is **** them ***** *** demons they get you in your sleep because there too ***** to face you when your in your prime pray before you go to bed just see if it makes a diffrence it did for me also it could be succubi a demon known to rape people in their sleep the reson i beleave this is coz everytime it happens iwake up naked and feel like iv just had sex lol i hope you get through it tho i know how scary it is.

I wish you all the best WynHaven and hope that you kick that terrors *** all over your dream.

Thank you for asking...I've found that when in a dream you have an awareness of what is going on around you and most people feel as if they can't control what is going on..when you wake you bring the dream with you. So in retrospect when you start to go to sleep be aware that you will dream and be aware that YOU have control of your mind and what goes on in it. With that awareness when you start to have a night terror (or nightmare or a wonderful dream) make the decision in the beginning of the dream that you will be the one in charge of what is going to happen. I'm not saying that it will be easy but with practice your control gets better. <br />
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When I first met my husband I woke him up in the middle of the night screaming with terror from my dreams. He told me basically the same thing I just wrote. Several weeks later I was having a nightmare about being chased in a broiler room ...this man was going to slice me up .... I started calling my husbands name, really focusing and calling him to me and the next thing I knew he was there in my dream and took care of the man. I woke the next morning thinking how strange the dream was but calm because he had come to save me and did. When my husband woke up he looked at me and told me to never do that to him again...when I asked him what he described my dream to me in detail. I thought it was amazing--he wanted warning, lol.<br />
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The mind is powerful and there are many amazing things it can do. I hope I helped you to understand what it was I meant by controlling your dreams. <br />
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:P Rainy

Elall1rogiano and WynHaven like what you say Rainystorm. Can you be specific?...D

I used to have nightmares but when you learn to control your dreams in the dream state they tend to leave you alone. Like you said it is hard to learn, but once learned the knowledge will not leave you and you can do amazing things while dreaming. <br />
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Mostly my dreams are good anymore....mostly sexual, lol. <br />
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i hope these arent too often. i have trouble sleeping too

Your mind is trying to make sense of the fact that your body is paralyzed. If you could move while dreaming you would sleep walk and hurt yourself for real. So be glad you can’t move while dreaming.<br />
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The good news is that dreams can be changed the dream maker, who is you.<br />
You just need to be aware and become The Dream Maker. <br />
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There is a little bit of work but if you want to change your dream terror/night mare start recording your dreams in a Dream Journal. Know you will get better with practice.<br />
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Next-practice changing any dream that you want to change for any reason. It is best if you change a dream upon waking as soon as you recall the dream. When you get better you will find ways to change dreams while lucid and in a dream state.<br />
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I note you feel “bitchy” right now. That’s good. Lay down and imagine that you are having the above night terror… THEN KICK HIS BUTT!!! You are in full control, so practice ripping this image apart. Get into it girl and your subconscious will get the message. PM me if you have any questions as I am a retired teacher and love to teach…DD

I have those terror dreams every night during the year 2002-2005.. They disappeared and on the 20-7-2011.. I have them back, it starts then every night.. I want to get rid of them. I know they are some kind of things that happens in our brain but i dont know whats the solution.. Your idea of KICK HIS BUTT is not a thing as I can't move any of my body parts during that time..

These are terrible, I know. At least they're not coming as often and that's a good sign. I hope they go away entirely. Mine did, so have hope!

I am sorry you suffer this way.<br />
ring a bell three times before you go to bed each night