Sexually Ambigous

I can't be labeled sexually. Bisexual is the closest you could but even that doesn't describe me well enough.

Growing up i never got homophobia, i always found myself enjoying looking at men until i hit my teens and found myself falling into the group out of fear of being bullied, though i never truly joined. As i grew older, i began questioning myself sexually, finally realising that i did like men, that i was bisexual.

The results of expressing this were..unkind to say the least, i wasn't harmed but i was forever seen as a further outcast by my male peers within school and even some of my female peers for being bisexual and not simply gay or straight.

To date i find myself slipping forward and back, never finding my place. I'm not straight or gay, but at the same time i'm not bisexual, i'm not further on one end or in the middle. I dont appear overtly gay or straight and you would never know i was anything but the most common type "heterosexual"

Reason why i'm not gay or bisexual is simply because i find myself not always liking men, or liking only some men. In any case i have not found a way to describe what i am expect ambiguous.

I like women and that wont ever change, i love women, i think that they are amazing, at the same time i think some men can equal that as well for me too. However with these women and these men there are no distinctions for me, they are both the same yet they are both different. Some fear me because they worry i will be "turned" by another gender, that is not the case.

i love who i love, weather i am with a man or a woman, if i truly love them i will remain faithful, no matter who is trying to deter me away from my faithfulness.

it is therefore because of this that i do not express my sexuality openly, it would merely confuse people who do not wish to be confused and would create issues between me and them perhaps and besides, i know what i am, i just have no one word for it.
lmpulsive lmpulsive
22-25, M
Jan 16, 2013