My Best Friend Has To Shut Up Sometime

I love my best friend "T" but he talks too much. He knows this, but STILL every day we are talking about him for HOURS. Ehh. when we're in the car, I seriously wrap the car belt around my neck (half of the time not thinking) because im so bored out my mind. When I'm not doing that i'm nodding off to sleep. It's always 'me me me me me' and complaining that nothing is fair. I sometimes just want to scream "Shut Up GOOD Jeeves!" 3 hours nonstop ... I love my best friend, he has some nice qualities but I wish he had a zipper on his lip. I wish the subject wasn't always about cocky him. I hope he works on that soon
GeminiLuna GeminiLuna
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Does he know that, throw some hints :)

Oh yes we had a couple big discussion.