I Am Officially Done.

I just can't take it anymore.. I'm sick and tired of hearing a brat whine about being single and how you dont understand why your singled because your a nice guy/gentleman.

There IS such a thing as being too nice and doing too much. No girl wants to babied. Or have her butt kissed all the time. I'm just tired of it.. I give you tips and you always argue with me because you know women better. You May know women better as friends, but at relationships your dumbfounded and I am the motherfricken queen. You complain about how I dont give you a chance. I told you upfront like any guy, I want only a friendship. Im disappointed in your outburst. I'm not the girl to guilt trip or the one to feel bad and "try" you out.. That's pathetic on both sides.
grow some extra balls...
GeminiLuna GeminiLuna
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Smart girl, take your time to find the one that you can put up with in marriage.

Yeah :) your right

Thanks :)