No Talent

i own two guitars i have taken lessons and at one time i was practicing on a daily basis for about a year. in that time i learned to play 3 chords and one song (Yellow Rose of Texas) but that was not playing chords just notes (there is a difference notes only require the use of one finger or sometimes no fingers at all) as far as the 3 chords i can play E,D, and G all fine chords problem is i can't go from one to the other if i could i would probably be able to play some songs LOL the sad truth is i have no talent (for music or anything else that i've tried so far) and this hurts because i love music and i would love to be able to sit around a campfire strumming a tune. i guess its just a dream though. 

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Most songs have that damned F chord in them LOL

oh yeah i can sing....and dance long as no one can hear or see me LOL actually when i was a kid i was taking tap dance lessons and over the years had 3 different dance instructors tell me and my parents that i had a lot of potential, but that was long long ago

but i have tried repeatedly

Excerpt from an "I Love Lucy" Episode:<br />
<br />
Ricky: "But Lucy, you can't play the piano!"<br />
Lucy: "How do you know? I've never tried!"