Odd Happenings ...

I don't know what's happening with Blogs today ... but twice I've tried to post something ... and have lost what I've written ... twice!!! grrrr

When I press "post" it brings me to the new blogs page and my writing is lost.

Beware anyone else - especially if you have written a long piece and then you lose it!!!

Also, my advanced editor for messages and stories is disabled and has been for about a week. So I can't add any smilies or other stuff to stories or messages ... all very strange ...

UPDATE:  I just installed Firefox and am now on EP using it instead of Google Chrome.  The blogs problem is still the same - but my advanced editor problem is solved!

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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6 Responses Jul 10, 2010

haha ... you might be right AP ...

I am actually on Google Chrome ... I'm guessing it's just a temporary glitch ... annoying nonetheless

firefox is turkey gravy. I recommend Google Chrome. But I am the worst kind of clown to be around

I think EP must be doing some maintenance or something ... the new blogs page is probably under construction or some such carry on ... as for the general editor ... I don't know what's happening with that ... it's been weird for at least a week ...

I share your frustration blissy. My problem is with my pc. You will remember it had two big viruses, and hasn't been 100% sice. The worst is when I've taken ages over a story, pressed 'post' and it says 'Internet explorer cannot display the page'! I am a slow typer, and it really is so frustrating!!

My Firefox won't post a blog either today.