The Murkowski Bill

I think there has been enough jockeying done for the corporations and factories, we do not need to undo things we have done to protect ourselves from their pollution and rape of the planet. I think we need more rulings against them, not remove things they don't like so they can keep profiting from 'dirty business'

I was informed by the Environmental Defense Action Fund today of this action going on.

"In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that global warming pollutants are covered by the Clean Air Act.

The Obama EPA has begun carrying out the law by taking steps to limit global warming pollution from cars and from large power plants and factories.

Instead of embracing this progress, Senator Murkowski's measure would strike at the heart of the Clean Air Act, blocking these actions and letting America's biggest polluters off the hook.

And she is using a little-known procedural maneuver called the Congressional Review Act to move a "resolution of disapproval" very quickly to the Senate floor, perhaps in a matter of days."


What actions can we take to stop this? We need more laws about polluters and what they can do, not less. The Clean Air Act is only a beginning. It must be upheld.


Here are some interesting articles about this subject.

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