Texas Corporations, Get Out Of California's Air

California's global warming bill, AB 32, HSC §38591, is under attack.  Texas-based Valero Energy Corporation and Tesoro Corporation are trying to undermine my state's clean air initiatives! This attack by Texas corporations on California's initiative that would not only help California's air quality, but also the whole planet's, is an affront to all intelligent caring humans, not only to California. These types of political moves by corporations have helped destroy the environment, never preserve it. Please read some more about how these companies think they own my state's air! Republican partisan politics, in the guise of  Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Chico, and Representative Tom McClintock, R-Rocklin, are the scourge of our state. Republican, to me, means terrorist. These corporations will stop at nothing to keep raking in profits from destroying the earth. They obviously feel threatened in their wallets or they would not be concerning themselves with the clean air initiative that has been around since 2006.  Any thinking human can see, these politicians will do anything for money. They've got to be stopped! And Texas corporations came here years ago and started their entrenchment, we must route them out! The desire for money truly is the root of all evil, and the roots must be cut, all the way back to Texas.



"The Texas companies – which operate refineries in Benicia and Wilmington, Martinez and Los Angeles, and hundreds of gas stations throughout California – have been well-known players in the fight to weaken global warming legislation at the federal level, and they are major donors to state politicians working for the same goals."








I know that is a lot of links, but I wanted to share how important this issue is. It affects the entire planet, not just California. If these Republican terrorists who stand for these corrupt Texas corporations had their way, we'd all be the breathing greenish-black air of their profits until we choke and die.






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This is still an issue of great concern. Corporations have gone too far. It's time the people used their will to stop them from destroying the planet's resources!