I Don't Want To Start Over

Last year in March I met a beautiful fragile woman, she was in a tough relation ship every time I saw her she looked sad you could see it in her eyes. One day about a week after my 37th Birthday she came in to where I worked & I worked up the courage to talk to her it was instant attraction for both of us, I suspected she was involved & she had kids that she would bring in a week later she returned to talk to me it was a quiet Sunday & we were able to talk she told me she was married & been with him off & on for almost 20 years she met him when she was 16 years old he was a mean guy both physically & mentally abusive an ex boxer as well & he treated her like a possession rather than a lover & someone so nice & giving I wonder how people can be so cruel he did not appreciate what he had & if she wanted a better life & wanted to be with me I thought okay I am a respectable person & wouldn't break up anyone's life or get involved with a married woman but the way he treated her & had no respect for her I was willing to do what I could for her logic told me I am taking a big risk but I thought she was great & worth fighting for, we shared a life for 4 months I can honestly say those months were the best time of my life. She broke up with me I did not understand what did I do we even went through a patch where he got angry with her when picking her kids up he beat her up she had two black eyes punched in the nose she was a bloody mess. Is life fair I think not I found out she got back together with him, life is tough for me I would never lay a hand on a woman why does such a awful person get a woman he does not deserve finding out he got her back crushed me & assured me life is not fair.
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36-40, M
Jan 21, 2013