Other Odd Things

In my life I've experienced many things and done many things. Somethings don't fit into words. Somethings so strong feelings can't be described in word at the time, Like once or twice I may have saved a life what more could be said, what less can be made of it.

other things So stupid, it made sense at the time, but they are so stupid now it's embarrassing to admit to and so very hard to explain. Like when I wrecked my first motorcycle, or sold my second little rice burner.


by and by I will have another motorcycle

jadecrow jadecrow
51-55, M
3 Responses Jun 12, 2009

yep yep yep

excellent I'm listening to a nice little hd sportser calling my name

I owned a motorcycle many years ago and miss it still on occasion. Sometimes I imagine myself as the guy I'm staring at who IS on the sportster I'm drooling over. Sigh.