Forced To Learn To Smoke

To start with I have a smoking fetish. I get so turned on by women smokers. I was a teen when I realized how powerful this fetish is. 40 plus years ago. I was never a smoker until I met my wife. In fact, I hated smokers and smoking. My mom smoked. She was a heavy smoker and so was my wife when we met. I did not smoke ever, yet. It turned me on a lot, my penis was always hard. After a while she started to make me smoke with her, and so became my future wife.
My wife said it turned her on to make me, or force me to smoke cigarettes. She would make me wear tight jeans, and she would dress in the tightest sexiest pants, then we would go to the bar, and we would smoke and be turned on.
Well, as it goes, it turned me on a LOT to be forced to smoke:) I mean it make me really horny.
We smoked together and did somewhat secretive sexual things like that for several years. We had the best, most sexy times.
Well, dang it all, she quit smoking 15 years ago because it is so unhealthy. When I asked if I should stop, she surprised me and said, "you are my smoking slave, you will always have to smoke and do what I say". I own you now. You love to smoke, and you are hopelessly addicted to me and cigarettes. She laughed at me too. New evil in her eyes. I got really excited, and scared too. She knew it and it showed in her face. The new power she had over me.
Now I'm hooked and can't quit. I don't want to quit either. I have a fat fetish too! Do you want to hear about how she took advantage of that too? My wife is my owner. I get to jack off or **** her if I smoke all of my cigarettes for the day, if I'm good.
hooked on smoking.
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1 Response Nov 22, 2011

In my research on smoking fetishes I've learned that it's virtually impossible to find a woman with the proclivity, unless she's paid to do it. As such, your story is a bit unbelievable. Sorry.