Screaming "I Want to Help You" and Nobody Wants Help!!

I see a lot of bad things happen and the most common response from people is "OMG, I can't believed this happened!"  And I look at things with my analytical mind and can see several reasons why it happened, and several ways it could have been avoided.  But I keep that to myself now because I think people prefer to live with their eyes closed.  I can't even imagine living like that.

I can't even connect with the people I care about the most.  Do I want to continue being lonely or close my eyes and join the world?

Helinda Helinda
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Yes I feel the same way, however I do tend to tell them if they kept doing what they do that there is a possibility of something happening. And even if they knew you knew, they would berate you or stir sympathy with you. So I think most people are afraid to open their eyes/

Some people nedd to have things happen to them so that they continue to be a "victim" the last thing they want is someone to fix it, they really want your sympathy and for you to say " oh ,you poor thing ,come and tell me how horrible it is for you" .People are really strange creatures!