Out of Step

My Dad is one of if not the wisest people I will ever know. And he once told me, in the late 1990s, meaning it as a compliment, that I was a dinosaur. My ideas and values were kind of in line with how he came of age in the mid-1960's, not the late 1990's.

People just seem so shallow. All they care about is how they look. I can take a verbal or physical ***-beating and come out of it okay. I once knew a guy whose parents got divorced when he was a junior in college and he dropped out and never graduated. My parents got divorced and mom divorced her second husband, and I pressed on.

I was raised on accountability, religion, discipline, love of country, thinking of others, and pain. Others were raised on nintendo. They just don't get me.

I don't get them.

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Mar 21, 2009