The First Step

well in continuation of my daughter and me.. we went to the doctors appointment!!! she agreed to let him know about her cutting herself. i told her in the car, if at any time she wanted me to leave the room i would. the doctor came in and asked me a few questions which were kind of hard to answer since she hasnt shared too much with me. then he asked my daughter if she wanted me to leave the room and she said yes.  her and the doctor came out about 20 min. later. he wants to see her again on the 4th of june and gave her some homework, she's to come up with 5 emotional words that describe how she feels everyday. in the car on the way home, i asked her if she wanted to tell me anything about the visit and the first thing she said was "he's really nice, i like him" yaaaay!!!!!! thats half the battle. she only told him about her stepdad hitting her, she didn't say anything yet about the step brother fondling her... maybe next visit.  i'm so happy we've done this and she's willing to go a second time....... to be continued
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That's really good news! I'm happy for you both. Things are looking up!<br />
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Baby steps! <br />
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Sounds like a good doc. That must be such a relief.<br />
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: )

that's great !! I hope the next part of the story is just as pleasant ! good for her !

congratulations, p.i.p.! the first step is complete. usually that's the largest hurdle. i'm not trying to create false hope though ... your daughter's recent 'lifestyle' (so to speak) is a very difficult thing to overcome. she IS young enough though that she can kick it if she'll work with the doctor. it sounds like she's willing to. thank goodness!!! keep us posted and keep your chin up ... :-)