I Can't Reach My Daughter

I can't reach my daughter, i raised her till she was 12, then she decided to live with her dad.

I "got sucked in", he said he would have her till mi found a house, so i signed custody over, (thinking it was temporary),

I was stupid, for beliving his crap, he sexually abused her when she was 9, (whitch he still totally  dený's,) (and she say's ít's in the past',)

Yet she h8's my gut's coz he's poisoned her against me.

Every time she would come over this bullshit behaviour would start, ÿour fkn mental", ëven dad say's u are", (so i'd say "get out,"and go home",)  and she would lie and say she never said it and blame it on me.

So i had to say goodbye to my daughter and now she's going to live in Auz, "life sux", and it hurt's,But i can't change it.


Feflower Feflower
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1 Response Jul 11, 2007

There is nothing you can do until your daughter wants to have a relationship with you, but you can let her know that you will always be there if she needs you. Let her know you love her and your only a phone call away, then it's in her hands...Good Luck