And I Didn't Realize This Until I Came Across This Group!

Forget not remembering the place or time or feeling.... I don't even remember the girl....
oh my god!!
I dont think I even remember the first few that followed the first one...!!
oh my god..
thetenbladeplease thetenbladeplease
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 27, 2011

haha.. well i remember my first kiss, but i dont think that it should really count.<br />
He told me that i should practice on him so that i would have the guts to kiss the girl that i liked.<br />
we only did it once and i didnt like it. haha... saddly i never took the risk of kissing the girl that i was madly in love with :/

whoa you sure he was just being a friend or did he like ya....??awww... you shudav gone for it with her! lolol!
thanks fr the comment : )