A Case of Memory Problems.

I've been dating this guy for over 9 months now, and it has been wonderful.  We're best friends, and so much more.  But one day he brought up the beautiful memories of our first kiss, that i had to strain to find.  I couldn't exactly remember or distinguish which one had  been our first.  I felt terrible.  By showing him how much I care, the least I could do was remember one of out first memories together.  A stepping stone into what would come to be an evergrowing relationship.  With his assistance I could come to remember, and now cherish this memory.  But what does this show about me?  Did i not value the moment as much as my boyfriend did? Who could even tell me the small details of that night, like which side he was standing next to me.  I find this very hard to believe, or atleast I don't believe that's the case.  But when it comes to my memory, it's faulty.  I don't remember my very first kiss either, which was not with him.  Maybe, this is better for me now, as I can't imagine kissing anyone other than my current boyfriend, but I'm striving to find ways to make these little experiences stick in my brain.  I'm becoming better, but this lesson has taught me how much I'm missing.  A memory lasts forever.  I want to remember as many as I can.

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3 Responses Nov 2, 2008

Lol maybe. He has to deal with me all the time, but I think we balance eachother out. Everyone has their match. (:

poor guy..

Haha. Poor Spencer )':