Nothing There At All O_o

Well my name is Zakk, and I`m nearly 18 and I`ve been trying to remember anything from the past like I barely remember last year :L
People say I`m smart and stuff but when I`m asked a question that has anything to do with the past like what a major test was about or the term theme was in any of my years at school, there's nothing, no memory. I can`t even think about my past, it well I just go mind blank and no ones says anything happened that could of put me in a state of shock or depression. Although when I left school a while back I lost pretty much all of my friends and that's the ONLY thing that i can possible think of that may of affected my memory. Like I may of hated loosing all those people or realizing who my real ones are, and in doing so I may of forced myself to forget. I`m not sad about it, I`m just lonely now and I really have no one to even talk to... because I don't remember anyone...
Zakkle3 Zakkle3
18-21, M
Jan 16, 2013