I Can't Remember The Classics

I'm 48 years old. Until my 20s I read most of the classics...I haven't been able to remember the greatest majority of the classics for a very long time and I don't know why. I developed epilepsy at age 25. It was due to a cerebral malformation on the speech centers of the brain. I had brain surgery at age 27 and with it a ruptured berry aneurysm. I also have some mental illness...I was diagnosed bipolar, either type I or II and ultradian...the problem is i cycle many times a day and that doesnt go with bipolar. I could have adult adhd...I really don't know what I have but I have something. I took psychotropic medications for 20 years and I've been taking seizure-controlling medications for 25 years. Does anyone know the reason why I dont remember the classics?
P.S. Until my mid-twenties I had photographic memory and still didnt remember the classics
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Jan 13, 2013