my memory is soooo bad. someone can ask me what i did or said about something last week, i won't have a clue.... (i don't remember what i had for breakfast yesterday, never mind last week lol) it's getting worse. my doctor said it's probably because of the meds i'm taking. As long as i'm not forgetting to turn ovens off or serious things like that it's ok. (well maybe for him it is). People look at me funny if i don't remember, my boyfriend thinks i'm "conveniently forgetting" even tho i took him to a session with my doctor so he could hear the doctor say that. It's just maddening that;s all. i used to remember everything. Now i just remember the useless stuff lol
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LOL! Exactly. I have a blog that relates perfectly to this. It's called AAADD! Check it out. Than let me know what ya think.<br />
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yes my dr. tells me it's probably the meds for me.... oh well..........what was i saying???? LOL

I can relate to that pretty. I suffer from the same thing. My memory is very short. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and one of the symptoms are what they call "brain fog".