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Here I Go Again.

"it's not just another day at the ranch". After sharing my experiences of my great disire to cross dressing I got so aroused I had to do something. So today I am wearing my second favorite bra because my favorite make my look too chesty. But today I added my panty hose without underwear. OMG it feels so good. The next time I am at the store alone silk panties are in order and maybe heels. I found myself walking more like a woman as I was getting ready for work. A few more things to purchase then I will be ready for a business trip out of town and hopefully it is for a week.
Adam59 Adam59 56-60, M 1 Response Feb 15, 2012

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isn't it amazing how clothes make you feel? iv'e been finding it difficult to remember how to walk like a guy..not that i really want to,but sometimes it's helpful,like construction job interviews..but i just naturally wiggle when i walk...ah the sometime pitfalls of being a girly boy from venus

I've got the nylon panties and heels now. The heels make me walk more like a woman they are awesome.