Dressed Everyday

I am 54, when I get home from work every day I get changed into tights and skirt or dress. I cook dinner for my wife and we spend the evening both in dresses and tights. At the weekend I rarely wear men's clothes. I am very happy. But would be happier if I could go to work wearing my girl clothes
Prettyjennifer2004 Prettyjennifer2004 51-55 2 Responses Nov 14, 2012

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Wonderful to have such a supportive spouse, take care to cherish her so she stays with you out of love. There is nothing wrong with what you do if that is what makes you happy. Be grateful you can be a home 'cross' many cannot and have to hide in hotels and all sorts of places. I empathise with you wanting to go to work and presumably other places in your dresses, similar to my deep seated desire to go anywhere naked. Cross dressers are so misunderstood, I understand that it is nothing to do with 'sissy' or orientation, and doesn't make you any less of a man. Please know and take heart that there are many of us who support you.

Fabulous sweetie