Addicted To Crossdressing

Hello I am Madame Eva Evil & I am positive you are excited meeting Me. I am a homosexual crossdresser,dominatrix,fetishistic,sadist,egomaniacal,arrogant,haughty,aloof,cruel,unrepentant,selfcentered,vicious,perverse,evil,cold,unconcerned,diabolical,demanding,superior,seductive,man eating,selfish,dangerous,sensual,sexy,overpowering,heedonistic,violent, wicked, Evilatrix. I have to say most everything I admit to being is not usually taken as good character traits but when combined with My narcissistic personality, psychotic tendencies, & black leather glove fetish makes for one pain loving evil sadistic fetishist crossdresser. Let Me 1WQ you how much I love to crossdresser. More than anything I love how turned on I get wearing women's clothes. I can not go without it. Once I had tried it I was hooked. Every crossdresser says the same thing that it is overpoweringly sexy. Once we enter the world of transvestic fetishism we are addicted completely. To me I was hooked lined & sinkered the very sexy huge orgasmic first time I dressed in women's clothes.1know other crossdressers that it went the same way. I will not have sex any other way but transformed into a complete woman but for one issue. I like being female in every way but I love being a total dominatrix in all fetish attire black leather boots & black leather unlined gloves with a man at My disposal & My helpless victim to feel pain for My pleasure. Feeling how hot & sexy I am dressed in head to toe fetish black leather as My black leather fingers hold so  My gloves may caress the black leather whip I will use crossdressed making My shecock rock hard. As My black leather gloved fetish fingers caress My shecock I feel it the steel rod running the length of My hot & hard shecock. Precum flows like a stream!!! I lean My face into My submissive fool & smile wickedly. " Uuuuuhhhhhmmmmmaaaahhhhhhuuuhhhsaaaaaa hahahaahaaaauuummmm " I purr while licking My black leather gleaming exquisitely gloved fingers of My precum that i love to taste with black unlined leather gloved fingers. I want an ****** & I want a powerful one. So I bend you over spit on your hole & rape you. I beat you mercilessly while plowing your pleasure hole hard & cruel. Blood runs from both your *** & the vicious whip wounds. Tears are running down your face as I begin shooting long hot streams of *** into your abused ***. I hold you by the hair pulling it hard as My thrusts take your feet from the floor. I take My she **** from your *** then grab your head so I can put it in your mouth. Clean it victim I say stuffing your mouth with shecock. I **** down your throat laughing as I lean back lighting a cigarette in My long holder. Now I begin torturing you by burning you with My cigarette held in My evil black leather gloves. I love to crossdress. I need it & must do it as I am addicted to sex as a transvestite dominatrix!!! Madame Eva Evil
evaevil evaevil 41-45 6 Responses Nov 20, 2012

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Very scary is a very sexy way!!!

This story is both poetic and hypnotic....utterly fascinating, Dear Ms Evil.

I am ready to be corrupted with mouth open on my knees and ready to serve!!!

You sum up the discovery of the addiction to crossdressing so well!
You certainly know how to control your men - I bow down to your power!

You exude and impart such delicious lust, Eva! I adore your beautiful mind and ways!

They've gone all shy now....(lol)

Not I, lovely sister!

I hadn't expected you don't really strike me as the shy type...(lol)