I Didn't Resist-much!

Last Sunday Night all I thought of was buying my first outfit. I had a catalog kept returning to after I got home from work. One page in particular had been grabbing my attention for over a month. On Monday morning after working all night I deliberately slept in late so I wouldn't order before 10:30am local time. If I had, rush delivery would have brought the skirt and top to me by next day.

At 12:30pm, I sat at the computer once again, staring at the on-line image of "my" outfit. Finally, I pulled a card out of my wallet. Went through the steps, up till the last one. Several times. Then I'd back off and turn back one or more pages. I left the room, came back in, several times. Rechecked the cost of rush delivery. Knew I had other things in my life to spend the money on. Logged off, several times.

Logged on again--started the whole process, again. Got to the next to last step, again. Left the room. Came back in. Placed my hand off the mouse, moved the cursor over the on-screen button. Cried aloud--"I've Got to Have MY Outfit!" and PUSHED the BUTTON!

It was too late to receive the very next day. The following day I was in bed at midday, listening again to sounds from the outside. Suddenly, a clunk a the front door! It's here! With trembling fingers I cut the package open pulled out MY outfit and slipped it ON! Then my favorite long curly blonde wig. I'm in Love with my appearance! I've crossed the line from wig wearer to cross dresser--and I Love It!

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5 Responses Nov 30, 2012

A process we all have gone through. Way to finally go for it. Hope it brought you much joy.

eBay is where I spend too much time. I love to watch and bid on items there. It's addictive.

I've now moved on to breast forms and panty hose and a bra. Next up are panties and camisoles and heels. I can hardly wait to go out in public fully dressed--what a high that will be!

Cross-dressing is addictive, isn't it !! I started the other way round: clothes first and wigs only much more recently. Now, I just love my wigs and I don't know why I didn't get one earlier.

I love your story and share your rush when that outfit is worn the first time. My dressing always includes a sexy bra and panties and that really gets the female side perking.

Thanks for sharing