I Started Slowly

I started at a very early age but started slowly. I started with the sears and JC Penny catalogs looking at the women in their lingerie and girdles.  I loved the look and so I started exploring my mother's lingerie drawers and started wearing her pantyhose and girdles.  I just loved this feeling and got to the point where I started buying my own pantyhose.  When I got my own place I started buying more silky lingerie to go with my panties and this is all I did for quite some time but everyday when I got home I would dress in my lingerie and pantyhose wanting it more and more.  One day I bought my first pair of high heels and that was it I feel in love with those heels and at that moment I knew I wanted the whole package.  From that point on I bought complete outfits so that when I dressed in my female clothes I had the whole outfit from the panties hosiery and slips to the skirt and blouse or dress and then my high heels and wig.  When I am not dressed I can't stop thinking about the next time I will get dressed.  I love cross dressing and look forward to the day I have the nerve to go outside dressed as a woman.
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Wow I thought I was the only one who used the lingerie sections of catalogues as soft **** to get aroused over, especially when they started coming in color and I imagined I could just barely see the darkening of an areola on a pretty lace bra.

I started the exact same way when I was young as well

I am finding we are not alone. There are many who started out young like we did.

Ohhhhh, yessssss! For sure!

Thats always hot to look at the sears catalog! I jacked off to ALL underwear sections...

I spent a lot of time when I was young looking at all of the underwear pages. I was so excited each year when we got a new catalog.

yeah I remember the guys ***** bulging!

Speaking of bulging ****...

Is that an offer?


mmmmmm sounds good.

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This story is really wierd. I thought I was the only one who was old enough to look through those catalogs! I also preferred the Montgomery Wards catalog.

When I feel a bit naughty, I enjoy the pantyhose or the little ped socks like you use for trying on shoes. Heels are out due to foot size. Have you noticed how you can wear panty hose out under your pants? Start slow like that and add more as you get used to it out in public. Pretty soon, you'll be emboldened to wear more women's clothing in public. Good Luck.

Yes I have worn pantyhose under my clothes in public. I even wore a garterbelt and stockings one time and was so nervous that someone would notice the garter tabs.

I shop amazon.com for my shoes and have found a lot of high heels that come in extended sizes for those of us with big feet.

Love garter belts under my clothes! And yes, I was Always paranoid someone might see the tabs also!!!

Never thought about Amazon. Thanks

Amazon has been fantastic for me. I am an Amazon Prime member so I get free 2 day shipping on many things and free returns. Much better selections than my local department stores and no embarrassment when shopping.

I also have recently become an amazon shopper great selection, good prices and love the home delivery

It is great, I joined Amazon Prime and get free two day shipping on most of my orders.

I am waiting on item I purchased on Tuesday hope its gets here today so I can wear it this weekend

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I loved when Mom got her SEARS Catalog, I'd check out the Girls & Womens Lingerie,
ESPECIALLY their Nylon Panties!! Back then, all the girls & women wore Nylon Briefs, for MODESTY (don't let 'boys' see their 'pelvic area'- covering everything from their belly button, to below their crotch). I STILL LOVE LOOKING AT 'Classic' Ladies Lingerie.

Oh yes that classic lingerie was great. Another one of my favorites were open bottom girdles. I still love them.

Thank you for sharing your story. A past boyfriend used to love to wear my pantyhose and slip on one of my dresses and we would watch TV in the evening. Even though I was a woman and he was definitely my man, a biker at that, I felt good that he got to feel good and not be judged. Too bad society isn't as supportive. He too started out with catalogs and sneaking to try on his mom's stuff when she wasn't home. It is expression and it does feel good to do things that make you feel good. He asked me once if I thought he was "weird". I said, do you think I am "weird" that I don't mind you being "weird". LOL

Thank you KinleyKay for your very kind comments. It is so refreshing to meet a woman who understands and is accepting of our peculiarities. I wish everyone was as open minded and as kind as you are.

Your welcome KimmiCD and tinymuel. I think it is just "judgements" that people have, that ruins happiness and fun of others. Everybody deserves to be loved. I must admit on some instances I did have an alterior motive. Luckily my and my boyfriend were about the same size, so I would ask his to wear some outfits that I picked out for me to see how they looked together as far as color and texture. And also he was an occasional maniquin so I could fix a hem. But we sure did have fun.

I'll bet you did :)

Well stated, thank you for your support.

With an attitude based upon caring, a lot of men I know need a GF like you! Great comment.

Thank you hun I try to be good to everyone.

Thank you all. It is just how "I" feel about it. I guess I am the lucky one as I get to dress like this everyday without a hassle.

Yes KinleyKaye you are the lucky one and you are also very sweet and understanding which is very refreshing to see. Thank you for your support.


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I wouldn'ttry to pass im to manly but it feel so good the sensation of silk or satan or nylon gives extreme pleasure a nice long silky night gown with panties and garter belt and im in pleasure

I couldn't pass right now either but have been working on losing weight and when I reach my goal I think I would look better but not sure about being able to pass even then.

You sound just like me!! I had many of the same experiences and now I just always look forward to dressing up more and more-to me its just great!!.

Thank you Sweetya. I am finding that my stories are shared by many, it is refreshing to know we are not alone.

It is so exciting to hear from others-you are so right we are not alone!!

That is what I love about EP.

You sound like you live a very Happy & fulfilled life! Live it and own it proudly as you certainly deserve it in this lifetime :-)

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with those hairy and masculine legs!

And I still loved it.

I still look at all the ads for women's clothes

Oh I do too. Now when I look at the adds I am shopping trying to figure out my next purchase.

For me it's about the same looking for things I think are cute and fun to wear

I don't think I could ever stop looking at them!

oh my yes, when I lived in a bigger area, I would pour through the adds, looking for the next thing I liked, then spent hours driving around buying them, or if it was as nice as it looked in the add...so much fun!

When I was young I just looked at the lingerie pics, now I am as much interested in the skirts, blouses, and dresses as the rest. I am always looking for my next outfit. I just love shopping.

I never will.

Shopping is after all a lot of girls passion

And I do have that shopping passion.

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My mom passes away when i was very young,having three older sisters,we all moved in with grandma and her sister who were both divorced.As you can imagine the bathroom laundry basket was a pandora's box for me,nearing puberty as well my hormone levels were way over the top .I could not resist touching,smelling,even trying on so much soft silky feminine purfumed lingerie,Absolute heaven,even the risk of being caught never stopped me,surrounded by females in all aspects of life was a dream i will never forget

I am sorry to hear about losing your Mom so young, but Wow what a way to grow up. The perfect setting for a young Cross Dresser to get started.

I used to look in ads of newspapers to ge a peep at what panties and nities looked like and wished i had a sister but i didn't so when i visited my friends houses i would use the bathroom and find there sister's panties and take smell them and wear them or take them from clothes line in thr neighborhood. i would get so excited when i stuck them in my pants just to hear.girls say the word panties i would get a *****

Yes I used to love the Sunday paper with all of those colorful adds of women's lingerie.

I also looked at the Christmas catalogs when I was a kid....when no one was around I would look at all the lingerie, but if someone was around I would switch back to the toy section

:) exactly what I did.

I love finding out that so many others did what I did when I was young.

I can't go to a department store or discount store without browsing through the lingerie department no matter how big or how small it may be.