I was buying a pink shortish skirt in the local Oxfam shop two weeks ago, and the (very attractive) lady behind the counter said jokingly "It's not your colour." She couldn't have been more wrong, of course, as I was buying it for myself 'cause I knew it would go nicely with the pink top I had bought a few days before. Such is life! In a moment I'm gonna do some more clothes shopping.
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Love wearing pink here too

Pink is my go to, been wearing it a lot even as a boi!

Awe, you should have told her that it is your favorite color and should go well with the top, shoes and bag that you have.
I will often take these silly moments to share my lifestyle. As they are the ones that opened the door, I just walk threw it. Most of the time it's met with awesome results.

Hi Chloe ,
You sound like my kinda girl. Shopping in drab for girly things. Wouldn't it be nice to shop for that same pink skirt while dressed as a woman? That, is something I always
fantasize about anyway. Perhaps, you do that to, or Maybe you shop in fem also. Either way, in my case at least, I love to shop for girl things also but not so much for guy stuff. Kind of crazy huh? Shopping and buying male cloths is like, volunteering to have a tooth pulled. Oh well, that's life.
Best Wishes, Melinda

I don't go out dressed, unless you count in my own back garden, so all my shopping is done in guy clothes. I do love shopping for girl's clothes, and I agree, it's a lot more fun than buying guy's stuff. What I would like is for one of the ladies who works in one of the shops to talk to me about how she's guessed that I'm buying it for me, someday. The shops are usually full of other customers when I'm in, so I guess it won't happen until I can be in when there is no one else around.

We are on the same page, when it comes to shopping and buying girly things. Sometimes I fantasize that one day the young lady behind the register will say, "I always wanted to meet a man who likes to dress in women's cloths". Then she adds, "I would like to see you dressed up sometime, or maybe I could help you get dressed, here's my number, if your interested". Now, that would be something, a nonjudgmental genetic female, who appreciates cross dressers. I hear that they do exist, somewhere (?) but I've never met one. Anyway, that's just a pipe dream, and I'm not sure what I would do in that situation anyhow. But, I think I might call her. How about you? Your sis, Melinda

Melinda, you are describing exactly the sort of thing I dream about.

Yay! Good for you!

Ah,,i can understand that,i worked in a chartyshop,in a Gay area of Galway City Ireland,,i am very straight acting Bi sexual guy,The gay guys,crossdressers,and Lesbians,i got on with them all,,somehow i made them all feel comfortable,maybe because of my upbringing,,it got to the stage,that they would come in and ask for me,to serve them etc,,that didnot go down very well with the snobby 50's female manager,who sometimes laughed into their faces,or made sneery remarks to other customers,,,Also one thing she didnot know,,that any leather skirts,blouces bras,i bought for myself,,top of the range stuff,,i had a full wardrobe of red/black,or maroon,clothes,,these were my favourite color's,dressed up at night on my own,,I like to dress as a biker chic,or very slutty,,i would love to tease men dressed like this,,lol

Well, I am a heterosexual crossdresser, Ire. I often wonder if men who are attracted to crossdressers are really gay. Surely gay men are attracted to masculinity? If a man is attracted to a feminine man, surely he is really heterosexual but using a male as a substitute? I hope no one will be offended by my asking this; I'm just trying to understand.

Hiya Chloe,No,not at all, i am not offended,but a very interesting Question,as i have always thought the same,,All as i can go on is my own thoughts and feelings,I am Bisexual always will be,But,your question,i am attracted to very attractive Feminine men,who really look female,Ladyboy type,who would be the lady in relationship,,Then also,i like to play the Feminine man,dress up biker chic/rock chic,very slutty,and be the lady with Masculine man,,,,But everyday love and affection,romance,a lady for Heterosexual relationship,My thoughts on Gay men,most decent one's,look for love,affection,longterm partner,the same as a heterosexual relationship,But i do be honest with anyone i would be getting into a relationship with,my ex girlfriend new from the start,i was very faithful to her for 8yrs,she was the one that strayed,drink,unfortunatly was her downfall,I do tell the woman i am Bi,and if i meet or know a Gay man i will tell him the same,,if i do not,,i would feel a lousy cheat,,Sorry Chloe for such a long answer,but thought i would give you my thoughs and feelings on it,,,

Thank you for your honest answer, Ire. I wonder about all the other men going with feminised men. Perhaps I should ask that question in a different thread, really, because it's going a bit off topic for this one. Myself, I would admit I find feminised men attractive if they look convincingly like women, but I don't believe I would seek a relationship with one, 'cause my instincts say it would be bad for me. But all crossdressers, gays, lesbians, transsexuals and other so called deviants have my full support. There's a lot of flack aimed at us all by idiots. I remember the conservative peer speaking on Radio 5 Live after the gay marriage bill was passed, saying she'd voted against it, but she wasn't against gays, she has lots of gay friends; they're good at things like antiques. I ask you. Sorry if MY answer is going on a bit!

Hi Again Chloe,yes i agree with you on that one,i would not want a relationship with a feminised man either,but yes i get very turned on by very convincing one's,some gays relationships,you have the Masculin male and feminine male,some both masculin,both the fem as they say is the bottom,Mas the top,two tops you have a problem,something i think,like the butch lesbian But the same her,all have my support also,,And yes,start up the thread you mentioned,it would be interesting,

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I totally agree.
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Finding the right thing is bliss! Knowing its has been used by a woman is also very nice! And you are helping out Oxfam a good charity!!

You're right - knowing it's been used by a woman is great! That said, you do find some items in these charity shops which still have the labels on, so they can't have ever been worn.

I recently acquired some jeans and Capri pants from one of my wife's co workers . She gave them to my wife thinking they might fit her but were too big so my wife (Owner) passed them on to me . I was thrilled that not only were they worn by a woman , but by a woman that I knew

I would have told her that I am not afraid of pink.

I know how you feel. Love to shop en femme. However, just buying clothes get expensive so I am shopping for everything now from groceries to pet food.

Same here. Lol

mmmmm you are so right.Thanks for sharing your feelings in the moment.Louise