Yesterday started out like most days. I get up in the morning and take a number of my nightgowns, negligee sets out of my closet and put each one on until I find the one I want to lounge in that morning.

I was just getting into it when my daughter called and asked me to babysit my 23 month old grandson. I quickly took off my nightgown and got dressed leaving all of my lingerie laying on the bed.

After several hours of playing with my grandson I thought I should put my lingerie back away. After a minute or so of putting things back on their hangers my grandson walked in to see what I was doing.

I said to myself, he's only 2 what would he know about what I was doing. I couldn't resist finding out. I picked up one of my nightgowns and held it up in front of me and asked him if he thought it was pretty. In defiance he said NO! I then told him he should touch it and see how soft it was, again he said NO! and walked away.

Now, maybe I was wrong to do what I did next. My thoughts were, Being a crossdresser from very early childhood and not really knowing at what age I was aware of the difference between girls clothes and boys clothes I decided what would be the harm in seeing how a 2 year old would react.

I put on one of my double layered nightgowns with spaghetti straps and very lacy bodice and hem. I walked into the other room and asked him if he liked grandpas nightgown. He just looked at me and said nothing. He really had no reaction to it at all.

Now, Did I put a lasting memory in his head or did it not even register that his grandpa was wearing girls clothes.
I don't know? I know I wore my nightgowns in front of my kids all the time until my oldest daughter was around 9 when I started to feel uncomfortable with doing so.

My kids all know I wear lingerie but that is because I got caught by them much later in life.

Don't ask! With them it is something out of sight and out of mind. It is never discussed and I do not dress in front of them.
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I do more than lounge in my nightgowns, I sleep in them.

I used to wear a slip when bathing my daughter as a baby. While drying her, she would often grab hold of my slip. After putting her to bed I could then put on a skirt and top.

Interesting account. I love nightgown but I like to keep it as my secret

My earliest memories are of seeing my mom letting my older brother put her boots on (and maybe lipstick ?) I remember wanting to wear women's clothes as young as 3 or 4 years old.

Sounds very familiar, love the satin ones, I prefer plain satin rather than lace, on the odd occasion lace is also good. Speak soon Tanya xxx

A two year old is too young to judge. I don't remember anything from when I was 2.

me neither

Memory is fickle at best. However, I can recall the experience quite vividly, so...??